10 Disturbing Facts About the Global Water Crisis

Thirsty? Grab a glass and fill it with water from the tap in the kitchen. Or, you might want to draw it from your refrigerator door along with some ice, crushed or cubed. Or, you might reach inside the fridge and grab a bottle of purified water you purchased at the grocery store. Then sit back, relax, and read this article while you enjoy your water.Isn’t life grand?Not for 748 million people around the world who have no access to clean water. And, despite the growing volume of lofty rhetoric about how the United Nations and the world are addressing the global water crisis, the world is in a precarious situation. Exacerbating the matter, the prospects for the future are bleak.

As World Water Day 2020 approaches (March 22), Missions Box News will continue to apprise readers of the status of the global water crisis.
Missions Box News will continue to apprise readers of the status of the global water crisis.

Seametrics describes the current situation as “nearly impossible to imagine for people who have only to turn a knob to receive a flood of cool, crisp, and clean water.” They add that

“The world is hurtling toward a future with dwindling water resources, and the news is all gloom and doom. The number of lives threatened is staggering and the available solutions limited.”

The Water Crisis Now

  1. 748 million is a lot of people – about one out of every 10. In perspective, 748 million is more than twice the population of the United States.
  2. More people die from using unclean water (perhaps their only source) than from all other forms of violence and war combined.
  3. Children are dying at the rate of one every minute from diseases contract from unclean water. Those diseases kill more children under the age of five than malaria, measles, and AIDS combined.
  4. One-quarter of healthcare services in the least developed countries do not have access to a clean water supply.

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