I always thought that you need to be rich to be able to protect our environment… Now I know, that exactly the opposite is the case: everyone can and should start protecting our environment! That´s why today I want to give you 10 good reasons to start going green.

Here I don´t want to say, that you have to go to extremes, but if everyone starts doing a bit, we will notice a big change. This get´s me to reason number 1:

1) We only have ONE earth!

Astronomers are searching the universe for earth-like planets, but they haven´t found another earth yet… And even if they should, it would be too far away to go there once we have used up all natural resources here.

And exactly there lays the problem. We are using up our natural resources fast. To protect those and the future of humankind on this planet, we should start using more recycled and sustainable materials.

2) Going green saves money!

When you start a more eco-friendly life, you will start saving water and energy. This in exchange will already save you money. Even without solar panels, there is a lot you can do at home to reduce your energy bills.

There are many more ways you can save money by going green. When you start growing your own herbs and vegetables, walk more, shop more conscious you will notice the difference.

3) Do it for your children, not for yourself

We will most likely not see the consequences of our efforts, but our children and their´s will. Continuing the way we are going at the moment, our children or their children will not have a planet to live on anymore.

Remember those Sci-Fi films where only the rich and powerful get to live on a different planet or a better place? Everyone else get´s left behind to fend for themselves, if they can. Well, I don´t think that society is going to change that much in those years until we have turned earth uninhabitable to take everyone. And then, go and destroy another planet?

Let´s give our kids a bright and healthy future!

4) Eco-friendly materials last longer and are better for your health

Eco-friendly materials are made without any toxins, harmful chemicals and are often from recycled materials. Therefore they are much better for your health and help keeping our resources.

They are more expensive, but they last up to 5 times longer than cheaper materials. I have asked in our local paint warehouse to get an explanation of the differences between eco-friendly and normal paint. Apart from what I already mentioned here I have been given an example on duration. If a normal paint lasts 1 year, say, then the ecofriendly paint lasts at least 3, in comparison, if both are applied properly. This means at a bit less than double the price, I still save money going for the eco-friendly.

In addition going for eco-friendly and fair trade products helps reducing toxins and chemicals in air and water, as those are not used. Which in return is good for everyone´s health.

Buying second-hand products for the home is also eco-friendly as it reduces waste and doesn´t require more resources.

5) Better Air

By living more eco-friendly you will better the air quality in your home through plants/herbs. Outside the air quality will get better as well, because you will reduce the use of your car, reduce your carbon footprint and other´s (fabrics, shops, buying local produce so less transport, etc.). You will also make sure that there are enough plants, trees, bushes outside of your home to better air quality.

Apart from those, the air quality in your home will be better, because you will use less chemical products that effect the air you breathe.

6) Going green improves your health and skin

When you go green, you will allow less chemical products onto your skin and into your body. This will massively improve your health and your skin will also look a lot healthier.

Since I´ve started using my DIY deodorant, I smell less sweaty and I know that I am reducing my chances to get breast cancer. My skin feels sooo much better and doesn´t need any extra cream since I made my own shower gel.

You also start eating healthier as you are making sure that you get food free from toxins and other chemicals that could get into your body.

And you will walk more which obviously is good for your health too. ?

7) You get more conscious about what you buy

You will start reading the labels more and more. Becoming more critical of certain ingredients. And you also will become a smarter shopper as you will not fall for misleading advertisements.

Going green means reducing waste, so you will start thinking twice before you buy something you might not use or need. Food waste will be more or less avoided as well.

Shopping for more local products, you will help the local economy, reduce the carbon footprint and you will have the peace of mind knowing where it is from. Plus, you can make some valuable connections.

8) You yourself become a better person

As I already said at the beginning: some good reasons to start going green are not for you. It will be for the benefit of future generations, of our planet and of everything living on it. This alone makes you a better person already!

You will start feeling calmer and happier as you are under less influence of chemicals and feel healthier as well.

Through shopping more local products, you will have more interaction with others which is good for the soul.

Reducing waste and what you buy, you will not be so money and consume orientated. Giving items you don´t need anymore to charities will also make you feel very good within yourself.

9) Help local economy grow

I have already mentioned it several times throughout the post. Once you start living more eco-friendly, you start shopping local products and therefore support local business. Supporting local business grows local economy and helps reducing our carbon footprint.

It as well means that you feel more independent.

It gives you a direct influence as well in knowing where and how products have been produced. Knowing this, you might be able to make some changes asking for eco-friendlier ways or products.

This get´s me to the last of our 10 good reasons to start going green:

10) Supply & Demand

We all have heard of the principle of supply and demand. Once more and more people, including you, start demanding eco-friendly and fair trade products, companies will change their range accordingly. The more people buy those products, the more affordable they get.

I have seen this happening with the electric cars. When they first came out beginning of this century, there was not much demand as there were not many options to actually charge a car. Being something new and eco-friendly they were also pretty expensive. For a while those cars seem to have disappeared, but rising awareness of our environment has brought them back onto the market. Now you have got the facilities to charge those cars and the demand has risen and the price is much more affordable.

There are so many more good reasons to start going green, but I leave it at that for today.

I hope, you have enjoyed this post and have started thinking about going green a bit more.

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