30+ Meaningful Mother´s Day Present Ideas

Is it only me or does it seem to get harder every year to find a good, meaningful gift for mother´s day?

Usually mums have everything they need and what they don´t have is because it would cost a fortune…

I will give you 30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas in this post. Some gifts are inexpensive, some involve your time and effort, but they are all meaningful gifts which will 100% be very appreciated.

30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas

For first time mums

Let´s start off with some great ideas for first time mums. Over the excitement about the baby and the stresses that come along with the new family situation, we often forget about their first mother´s day.

Vinma from Mom Less Mom has written a beautiful post with 5 ideas for first time mums.

But, before you just scroll past this, some of those ideas are great for any mum like a spa day, getting pampered, a photo shoot…

30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas


Talking about getting pampered: Why don´t you give a “spa day experience” at home?

Make a “do not disturb” sign with the kids (you know, like in a hotel), get her favourite bath supplements (or something new to try), choose a chill-time playlist with her favourite songs, a good book and a few candles. Make sure there can be no distractions: the sign should keep the kids out, phone off or far away…

* Note: This is NOT an affiliate link! Apart from a “Thank you” from Stacey, I will not get anything. I just love those candles…

30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas

Healthy gift ideas

Looking more for healthy gift ideas? Don’t go any further!

Nicola from Nic’s Healthy Life gives us 10 brilliant ideas, some of which, again, will mainly need a bit of effort from your side, like a homemade dinner, chocolate strawberries…

30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas

Write a letter

Another brilliant gift I wish I would receive one day comes from Andrea from Mother Tongue Notes.

In her post she shares a letter which she would like to receive from her daughter in 30 years. It moved me to the verge of tears and reminded me that often we don’t show enough appreciation and this is a great way of showing your mum.

Read her letter yourself here.

30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas

DIY presents

Looking for something to make yourself?

Dagmar from Dagmar´s Home gives you 5 lovely and easy to make gift ideas, including an embroidery hoop, mason jar vases…

On my blog you can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a mirror using a cereal box and on making tea light holders out of tins. Two ways of combining recycling with a self-made present.

30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas

Moms to be

Last but not least I want to mention another post from Vinma from Mom Less Mom.

Remember that I said at the beginning that first time moms often are forgotten? Just the same, we tend to forget moms to be. If we think about it logically, they are already mothers because there is a child growing in them.

30+ meaningful mother´s day gift ideas

All ideas in this post are meaningful and not anything you just buy to get “something”. In my own post I already said that I used to love making presents for my mum and now love receiving self-made gifts.

Any present that shows that you put your time, effort and thought into it will be a winner, whether you spend a lot of money or just a bit.

Trust me. I would be over the moon if I’d receive any of the gifts in this post on mother’s day. Plus, I would have loved to have received any of the gifts for expectant mums (too late for me now).

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and have found the right idea for you.

If you have, please share it with your friends.