6 Tips For Holistic Health And Development For Women

In recent times, a woman’s health and wellness has been influenced by interesting multi-dimensional aspects. These aspects impact the physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being. Healthy women build healthy families, eventually leading to healthy communities. At the Women in the World summit, Hillary Clinton mentioned,

Nations that invest in women’s employment, health, and education are just more likely to have better outcomes. Their children will be healthier and better educated. And all over the world, we’ve seen what women do when they get involved in helping to bring peace. So this is not just the right thing to do for us to hold up these women, to support them, to encourage their involvement; this is a strategic imperative.

Today, this concept is stronger than ever. The world is stressing on the need to have conversations around women’s health and development for a better present and future. Nowadays, women are leading fast-paced lives due to which it gets easy to forget about basic mental and physical health care routines. Several studies have proven how working women are more susceptible to lifestyle and stress borne disorders. What is important is the willingness to self-educate and smartly deal with all that is happening in full speed. Here are a few important parameters that women need to stress on to design a better life that includes holistic growth and development.

1. Put Yourself First

Self love and self care by Krakenimages | www.shutterstock.com
Self love and self care by Krakenimages | www.shutterstock.com

Women tend to worry about their kids, spouses and everyone else around as top priority. But it is important to remember that our bodies and mind also need to be a priority. Because, if we want to care for our loved ones, we need to be holistically healthy first.

2. Don’t Multi-Task Too Much, Take On A Little

Multiple Balls in the Air by Craig Dingle | www.shutterstock.com
Multiple Balls in the Air by Craig Dingle | www.shutterstock.com

Multi-tasking is the most glorified life aspect these days. Women hold great pride in juggling different balls of life at once. Working around the clock is never-ending— whether it’s for the office, household chores, taking care of the elderly members of the family and so on. Women try to multi-task to keep everyone happy resulting in immense stress. But like the viral meme says,

You cannot make everyone happy, you’re not Nutella!

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