9 Ways To Reduce Bloating Naturally

If you’ve overindulged in delicious food or drinks and now are paying the price, feeling heavy and bloated, the good news is there are easy, foolproof ways for you to immediately reduce bloating naturally and feel lighter and more energetic.  Below we’re sharing these tips that we use with our clients to help them to immediately get back on the healthy train and lose the puffiness.

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1. Reduce S, S & C:

Salt, Sugar & Carbs. While you likely have heard that these are bloating, we’ve found that most people make mistakes when trying to reduce them and when trying to battle the bloat.

Salt: Our second book, The Secret To Skinny: How Salt Makes You Fat, delves in deep and the best way to prevent bloating is to avoid salty foods, because sodium causes the body to retain water. Many people think they are in the clear if they don’t add salt to their food, but the truth is that there are many hidden sources of sodium that you might not think about, from bread, tomato sauce, canned soups to salad dressings, and more. And many healthy people “in-the-know” go for a salad when trying to reduce bloat and don’t realize that salad dressing or a few pieces of feta or croutons, are loaded with salt. It’s important to read labels and look for sodium since its’ lurking everywhere.

  • Keep your distance from pre-packaged foods, not just snacks and sweets (while these are biggies!), sodium-packed appetizers, entrees, and sides, like mashed potatoes and deli meat are major sodium offenders.
  • Keep in mind that salt also increases cravings and makes you hungrier and thirstier, which is never ideal for a bloated belly.

Sugar:   Sugar is like salt in that it intensifies cravings and makes you hungrier and thirstier, making a water-logged belly even worse.

And while sugar doesn’t directly make you retain water, eating refined carbs, like cake and cookies and pasta too, lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels.  When your insulin levels are high, your body responds by holding on to sodium by boosting the reabsorption of sodium in the kidneys1.  Plus, sugar causes inflammation and inflammation comes with water, so it bloats you.

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