About Us

Why we started Green Earth Family?

In the past thirty years, our lifestyles have changed dramatically. Some of these changes have been for the good but a lot have been harmful to the environment, and when the environment suffers, our health and the health of those we love does too. We are all responsible and most of us want to make the changes we need to see. For ourselves, for our relatives and for the wider Green Earth Family.

My name is Rohit Mathur. I have lived and travelled across continents and have seen the best and the worst of what we are doing to our planet. From the most environmentally unfriendly, populated and polluted cities – places of extreme conditions where even the very air is dangerously toxic – through the cleaner cities and on to London, where I now live.

I founded the Green Earth Family so that I could find like minds to help make the world a better place, because until Elon Musk focuses on his Mars mission and stays off the internet, earth is the only place we have to live. If two heads are better than one, imagine how much we could achieve by uniting as the Green Earth Family?

Why there is a need for a green earth family?

When we turn on the news and hear more stories of global warming, wildfires, plastic pollution and all the other negative impacts of our excessive lifestyle we tend to blame the big businesses or politicians.

That’s perfectly understandable, but leads to frustration as one person cannot take on the unseen forces alone…or can they? I want people to realise they have the power to make a change – first in themselves and then in others. That power comes in the form of awareness of the problems and taking a stand against them.

I am a family man and can remember simpler times. I passionately believe that if we could turn the clock back by 100 years – my grandfather’s time – we could revert to a simpler, less harmful way of life.

I like to keep things simple, so the mission for GEF I want to start with for the green earth family is :

1- Neil Armstrong:

As the great man said ‘One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’ Small changes in our lifestyle choices can make a big difference to the planet. Climate change is everyone’s problem, if we all make little adjustments, we can fight it together.


Just because we’re making changes doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. 100 years ago people were healthier, but they weren’t having any less fun. They just had a different attitude. By remaining positive and excited we can enjoy the changes we make as well as saving the planet.

3-We have the power:

We cannot wait for politicians and businesses to make the changes we need. We must ‘vote with our feet’ By changing our spending habits we will make the businesses and politicians listen. Once things that are bad for the environment become bad for business, the ‘suits’ will listen to our demands for products that are good for us and good for the earth.

4- Who needs who:

Remember we need the earth. It does not need us. The planet requires the same things as us to thrive – clean air, unpolluted water, functioning food chains and plenty of green trees. If we respect the earth and nurture these things it will, in turn, provide us with all we need to live a healthy and long life so we can all be around for our family and friends as long as possible.

5- The time is now:

don’t wait for anyone else. It’s up to us.