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Atomic Habits Summary – I did the hard work for you by summarizing this like a pro. I wrote a nice and simple gist.

“Atomic Habits” offers a mindset shift that is just the thing busy parents who are trying to do “all the things” can do them right now.

This book is built on the book the Power of Habit, and it’s a great overview of how we can work to build better habits and eliminate bad ones. If you’re looking to lose weight, get rich, start working out, start writing every day – whatever you’re attempting right now, this book can help you get there! In it he discusses how the goals don’t matter as much as systems, great habits are identity-based, and how we can utilize the habit feedback loop of cue, craving, response, reward to create solid habits that will help us achieve all of our goals.

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This speaks to the needs of parents, in particular, because parents want to fulfill their potential, but they may not even know what that concretely looks like, much less name it as a goal. But most parents can identify what kind of parent they want to be or what kind of person they want to be for their families.

What’s more, Clear emphasizes the importance of small changes and long-term thinking—also great news for busy parents. He likens the effect on 1 percent change in habits to a very slight adjustment to the nose of a plane. If a plane begins facing a few degrees off of where it’s aiming, it’ll arrive, after a long journey, at an entirely different location than planned. Similarly, “a slight change in your daily habits can guide your life to a different destination,” Clear said.

With goals ignored, the focus shifts on your systems, your processes, your habits. “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems,” said Clear.

The principles outlined in “Atomic Habits” can be applied to every aspect of life: relationships, fitness, education, finance, career, parenting, home life—anything dependent upon your behavior. It’s a great choice for parents who are wearing many hats and want to do well what they believe they should do. They’re in this for the long haul and likely can only make tiny changes at a time, which Clear argues can make a remarkable difference.

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