Best Facial Exercises to Make You Look Younger

Similar to body exercises that make your body look fit and toned, there are exercises for toning your facial muscles which would make you look younger. Experts seem to support the exercises that remove fat from your face and make your face look slimmer and younger by at least three years.

The Reality behind the Science of Facial Exercises:

Scientists claim that regular facial exercising can make your skin look younger and firmer than usual. The exercises give you fuller upper and lower cheeks that reduce the visibility of the wrinkles and sagging skin. This is a piece of good news for men and women who want to save their money and have an option to look younger other than from going for facelift surgery.

A statistics in which a few women participated claimed that they looked up to 3 years younger after regularly following the exercises for 20 weeks. However, the exercising regimen was followed strictly which yielded the results.

Let us take a look at the exercises that can help you tone your facial muscles to make it look younger:

1. Eye-firming and cheek-plumping exercises:

In this exercise, you have to put both the hands horizontally just beneath the lower lash line but on the top of your cheekbones. The index fingers should be positioned under the lashes and little fingers should reach just beneath the cheekbones. Once you have positioned your fingers correctly across the face as described, you have to press your fingers on the facial skin to hold the muscles in place.

Now, you have to squint your eyes and squeeze your cheeks up towards your eyes. You have to hold this for around five seconds and should be repeated three to five times.

2. All over face tone:

Here, you will have to create a resistance platform under your chin by placing your hands in a flat fist. You have to squeeze every muscle of your face by squinting your eyes, puckering your lips and tucking your chin towards your chest while the fists provide a stand to offer your face some kind of support. This should be held for five counts.

Alternatively, the exercise would be in the opposite direction which would lead to an expansion in place of contraction. You have to release the stand made with your fists, and then you have to lift your eyes, arch your eyebrows, wide open your mouth while lifting your chin. Hold until you can count to five. Both movements should be done for three to five times.

3. Defined Jawline:

You should place flat fist as you did in the previous exercise routine. Take and put the tongue on the roof of your mouth along with your lips, while you tuck your chin to your chest. This exercise should be repeated for five counts. When you reach the fifth count, an additional five counts should be done.

This exercise should be alternated with the exercise with an open mouth, putting your chin and jaw down to your rolled fists. Again, this exercise must be repeated until five counts. When you have reached the fifth count, the other five counts should be counted.

These exercises should be repeated for three sets alternatively.


These facial exercises are a good substitute for surgical procedures like botox and facelift surgery. The surgeries might be expensive and burn a large hole in your pocket but these exercises won’t incur a single penny from your pocket. In addition to this, there are no side effects to the exercise like those medical procedures which may or may not cause side effects. There is no perfect answer to whether the surgeries may have other implications. But, you should rest assured that the exercises won’t cause you any harm.