Best Methods to Break COVID-19 Positive

COVID-19 positive cases in India has been on the rise and has reached a significant number. There has been a lot of confusion regarding what happens after a person is declared as Corona positive? Once, a patient is declared as COVID-positive after testing him/her, there are certain measures that district magistrate takes. A district magistrate orders a team to find out the travel history of the patient, his address, the number of people he came in contact with, and the places he has been to. He is then isolated and treated in a way that the infection doesn’t take up other people in.

Let us see the steps in which we can break the COVID-19 positive:

Tracing the travel history and contacts of the patient:

Once the samples are drawn from the probable person. Until the test reports are out, the person is in the hospital, under isolation. If the reports say that the person is COVID-positive, a team sits down with him to find out who he has met within the last fifteen days. The team has a set of listed questions which include where did the patient go, whom did he meet, which shops did he visit to buy things, did you visit any relatives etc. With this, the team obtains the list of people who have a chance of being infected.

Mark the Containment Zone:

Simultaneously, another team visits the house of the COVID-positive patient, and take the patient’s home as the epicentre and mark a defined radius as containment zone. Immediate curfew is declared in this zone. No one is allowed to enter or exit the zone.

Sending patient’s Family and Other Contacts for Testing:

The people staying in a COVID-19 positive’s patient’s house are taken for testing immediately and they are made to stay in the hospital until the reports are out. Along with the family members, the patient’s listed out contacts are also brought in for testing and are kept under isolation until their results are declared.

Using government-identified Polio Sectors to Allocate Teams:

Polio sectors are existing geographical boundaries with which the health department is used to working. Based on this finding, the number of health officers is allotted to a specific area and visit the given number of houses.

Conducting Door to Door Checks in Containment Zones:

The health officer teams inspect the area marked as containment zones. They visit each house and carry out checks.

Carry out the Sanitization:

Based on these zones, the municipal corporation team is given the duty of sanitizing the area using sodium hypochlorite. A vehicle and a spray are given to the team that is filled with sodium hypochlorite.

Supplying the Essentials in the Marked Zone:

After identifying the COVID-positive containment zones, the team and the vehicles are deployed in the containment zone area. The team is responsible for the delivery of the milk, vegetables, grocery in his designated area. Once the curfew is imposed, only door-to-door delivery is allowed that also only through the government allocated a team. In this zone, private door-to-door delivery is strictly not allowed.

Repeating the Above Steps:

If a new patient from the zone tests COVID-positive, the above-mentioned steps are repeated.

Finding out the Travel History of the Patient:

Whenever a patient tests COVID-positive, a team asks the COVID-19 positive patient about his travel history. He is asked about the mode of travel i.e. whether he travelled through flight or railways. In either case, the team finds out the people travelling with the patient and in a certain radius of the patient’s sitting arrangement.

Every history of travel is sought out and the passengers are contacted and taken under isolation for a span of minimum 15 days. If none of them tests positive, then they are released from the isolation. Even if there has been someone who has come to the city from another city, state or country, he is kept under confinement and is analysed for symptoms.

It is very necessary to break the COVID-19 positive chain. The Indian government is working hard to establish this. But the basic factor that decides the success of this drive is the cooperation from the citizens. If we citizens cooperate with the government, we can break the COVID-19 chain and can be COVID free in a few months or even weeks.