Beyond Forecasting: Artificial Intelligence Is a Powerful Decarbonization Tool

This week on The Interchange: why more data scientists are saying machine learning and data mining will be critical climate tools.

For the first time, artificial-intelligence experts have created a place to collaborate on climate issues, Climate Change AI.

Some are mining the massive data of remotely sensed emissions streams. Some are accelerating materials discovery for solar fuels by combining machine learning and physics to figure out a proposed material’s crystal structure. Some are using system optimization to consolidate freight and route it more efficiently. Others are deploying agricultural robots armed with spectral cameras in hopes of reducing fertilizer use in farming.

Twenty-two AI experts spelled out the breadth of possibility with the paper “Tackling Climate Change With Machine Learning.

Priya Donti joins us on The Interchange to explain the nascent field. Priya is a doctoral candidate in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University who helped found Climate Change AI.

Priya talks with co-hosts Shayle Kann and Stephen Lacey about the wide list of possible applications for machine learning and other artificial intelligence for addressing climate change.

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