Could Green Hydrogen Become the ‘New Oil’?

On this week’s Interchange podcast, we sort through the renewed interest in hydrogen from renewables.

Less than 1 percent of all hydrogen produced today comes from renewables. Is that about to change?

The vice president of Siemens Middle East just predicted that green hydrogen will assume the mantle of the “new oil” in the coming decades. A lot of big industrial companies and oil majors are taking another serious look at hydrogen. Why?

In an era of extremely cheap renewables that are increasingly being curtailed, hydrogen production could finally become an attractive use case, due in part to the emerging regulatory pressures on existing hydrogen production.

This week, we talk with Ben Gallagher, an expert on emerging tech at Wood Mackenzie. He’s the author of a new piece of research on the green hydrogen market. Ben will help us understand what’s different about today’s hydrogen hype.

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