Valentine´s day is around the corner, so I thought I show you that you can get ecofriendly Valentine´s Day presents and that it is not as hard as you think. I think, we have started to go overboard on spending money on presents which should be meaningful and not expensive. So, get inspired by these meaningful ecofriendly Valentine´s Day presents!


Flowers seem to be a must on Valentine´s day and mother´s day. So, if you want to buy flowers, then make sure you are buying flowers which have been grown locally. This will protect our environment and makes sure that there is no child labour involved. Even better: make sure they are grown without the use of pesticides.

A bunch of flowers doesn´t last long though. A much better option is to buy a plant instead. Indoor plants are good for air quality and to lift the mood. Plus, they last much longer. Or maybe there is an outdoor plant your partner always wanted to have in the garden.

Another great idea would be to get an indoor herb garden for the kitchen, if your partner loves cooking. Using fresh herbs is always a much healthier option.

Self-made Valentine´s Card

Instead of buying a card full of harmful glitter, make your own. It shows that you have put work and thought into it and will be a much more meaningful present. And it is a lot of fun making it! You don´t even have to be good at drawing, cut out some nice pictures of a magazine and do the writing yourself. And on the inside a nice romantic poem or a “love letter” in your own words.

Cook a romantic Valentine´s Day meal

You don´t have to turn into a master chef, but a romantic homemade meal tops any restaurant. Cook your partners favourite meal, put some bees-wax candles on the table, some romantic music in the background and it will be perfect. I have got a post explaining why you should use beeswax candles and how to easily make your own here.

Make your own chocolates or sweets

And as dessert make your own chocolates or sweets. There are many easy choices and you at least know what ingredients are in them. When buying your ingredients make sure you know the origin of them, so you know that no toxins have been used and workers have been treated fairly. This way you have a healthier after than anything you could buy.

Place your own potpourri onto the dinner table

To round the romantic dinner off, place a bowl with your own potpourri onto the table or give it as an ecofriendly Valentine´s day present. They are quick and easy to make. Next time you are outside, pick some small pine cones, some flower paddles and other things you can find you like. Place them into a bowl, add some cloves, maybe a cinnamon stick, star anise and a few drops of your favourite natural essential oils and you have a nice smelling potpourri. You can also add some fresh orange skin, if you have some.

Make your own ecofriendly Valentine´s day presents

Why not make an upcycling present? There are so many options and I bet you already have something in your house you can use. Tin cans you can turn into candle holders, out of an old makeup mirror and a cereal box you can make a nice hanging mirror. Do you have an old shelf lying around? Turn it into a romantic sign.

Give an experience

You know better than me what your partner likes. Is there anything he/she has dreamed of doing? Sky diving together, rafting, hiking, opera, a concert, paintballing, just to give a few ideas. Time spent together like this you will give the gift of a memory for life.

Other ecofriendly Valentine´s present ideas

Is there something else your partner really likes? A hobby he/she enjoys? Then you could get a subscription box for this hobby.

As example: my husband really likes tea. He is an absolute tea fanatic, so the subscription from Teabox or any of their products would be a perfect present for him. Specially as the tea is ecofriendly and bagless.

You could get a kindle book subscription from any library on the web.

I personally would love to get the subscription box from Darn Good Yarn. Their yarn is made from recycled silk. We got it for my mum for Christmas and she absolutely loves it and so do I.

I hope you have found an idea or two to get ecofriendly Valentine´s day presents. Which one was your favourite? You can find more ideas here too.

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