It´s national Hobby Month and I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about finding a new hobby. Plus, why it is important to find a hobby.

Hobbies are good for our mental health. We feel like we have achieved something which makes us happy.

They also keep our brain fit and engaged. Unless we are not fully into the hobby anymore because it has become boring and/or repetitive. If this happens, we either have to up the difficulty or find a different hobby which then challenges us again.

In this post I want to introduce you to some ideas and hopefully you find a new hobby to start here. Together with the ideas I will give you examples of blogs for each hobby. I am not affiliated with any of the blogs, they are suggestions of blogs that I either follow myself and/or see as valuable for this matter.

Read books

There are so many different types of books you could choose from. Fiction, biographies, history, languages, travel, romantic…

Reading keeps your brain engaged and you can find a little escape from every day life in books. You don´t have to read a lot, but I am sure that there is a type of book you could be interested in.

Even if you don´t want to read just for yourself, then read to your kids. I love our bedtime stories where my son reads a bit to me and I then read to him. We have found a really good page to find new books to read for kids.

For adults, I recommend having a look at Rae´s blog Thrifty Bibliophile where you can find ideas on what to read. If you are a bit like me, you would like to know what the book is about and Rae is getting me interested in books I wouldn´t have looked at otherwise.

Crochet and Knitting

Both have been one of the first hobbies I have learned from my mum. It´s a long time ago though, so I should start again. I remember making pot holders first, then scarfs, table cloths… It is absolutely satisfying to see the end result and I always found it relaxing. My last “crochet experiment” took me forever as I was out of practice, but I am happy with my doormat from plastic bags.

A very good blog for crochet and knitting I can only recommend is Knit & Crochet Blog. You can find endless ideas and extremely good, understandable instructions on Tuula´s blog. Tuula has got her own YouTube Channel as well.


I only recently discovered “Quilling”. To be honest, I had seen finished crafts, but never thought about it any further.

This is a hobby I want to start this year, so it seems I did find a new hobby just by writing this post! It looks fun, but at the same time a little challenging as it seems a bit fiddly work at times. But I like keeping my fingers busy and concentrating on what I am doing. Plus, I will have a result to be proud of after. I hope ?

Fitness as hobbies to start

There are soooo many options here. You can start jogging or plogging, which is a new trend where you run and pick up litter at the same time. This is my favourite when it comes to running.

I don´t really like competitive sports, so for me it is keeping fit I can do at home or yoga, tai chi… But if you like company or team sports, then why not join a local club or gym?

One blog I find my fitness ideas from is Emma & Rose. I like it, because you can get the whole health package as it includes healthy recipes as well as fitness tips and challenges.

Up to yet I still have to find a blog teaching me tai chi. If you know one, let me know either via email or in the comments ?

DIY & Crafts

Now, obviously you know that I don´t only blog about green living, but also about DIY projects. Many of those are recycling or upcycling projects. Just have a look through in the menu under DIY, if you are not familiar with my projects yet.

But there are many other blogs related to DIY and crafts I follow and like reading. I will give you a few here where you can find inspiration if you want to start DIY or crafting.

One showing you a lot of different DIY´s, including how to make a pom-pom rug, is Hungarican Journey. I love going through Andrea´s posts to find new ideas to try out myself. The pom-pom rug I will try as well, but I should hurry up to have it done before the winter ends.

Another blog I like to visit is A Little Knick A Little Knack. You can find all sorts of DIY´s from vinyl tips, to stenciling all the way to decorating cupcakes with royal icing. I have tried royal icing before, but I am not great at it…

And lastly I want to remind everyone that hobbies can be all different things by giving you two examples. One of a more unusual hobby:

Planning themed road trips

Now, this is a thing that wouldn´t get a hobby of mine, but it doesn´t have to. For this I found Missy´s blog Party Through The USA giving me lot´s of great ideas on how to entertain our son on a road trip. I will need this in summer, as we booked a holiday 6 hours drive away… My son will enjoy the dinosaur road trip. And I think, we will too.

Add some serenity and happiness in your life

We all need to add happiness and serenity in our life and even though this is not really termed as a hobby, it will be very good for getting into the right mindset to start a new hobby.

A blog I like to read and listen to the podcast is The Joyous Family. You will find all different lifestyle related posts and a lot of fun.

There are many more options to find a new hobby, like painting & drawing, photography, calligraphy, gardening, bird watching, stamp collecting… Unfortunately I don´t know a blog I could recommend you for those, so they didn´t get a paragraph in this post.

I hope I could help you find a new hobby. And, as I said before, feel free to let me know any other good blog to check out for hobbies.

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