Foods that Boosts Immune System during COVID 19

Recently WHO cautioned the entire world to wear masks while going out in public, as the new discovery about the COVID19 virus says that people can contract the virus even from air. Additionally, the virus shows delayed symptoms and at time remains asymptomatic, meaning, that people can actually have thevirus and still not show any symptoms. This increases the risk of the spread from one person to another making it difficult for everyone around us.

Therefore, having a strong immune system to protect ourselves from viral infections, cold, flu and other ailments is of utmost importance. Diet, therefore, needs to be clean, healthy and devoid of any junk foods that can bring down immunity of the body.

Today, we have picked out some foods to boost the immune system that can help you during lockdown and also keep common cold and cough problems away.


Turmeric is a natural anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. The compound, curcumin, present in turmeric is responsible for quick healing of wounds and infections and therefore aids the body in keeping its immunity levels high. Even if you consume turmeric with other foods and veggies, the most common and easiest way to consume turmeric is with milk. Add some turmeric to a glass of boiling milk and drink it at a lukewarm temperature. Since the assimilation of turmeric milk is better this way, making this practice a routine is a very healthy move contrary to consuming turmeric mixed in water.

Tulsi or Holy Basil

Holy basil is one of the best immune boosting foods and a natural supplement. You can consume holy basil leaves in the morning along with honey. Or you can prepare a concoction of crushed holy basil leaves in 2 cups of water. Boil the water along with a few cloves of crushed garlic, ginger paste, a bit of jaggery, star anise or cardamom.As the water boil and reduces to 1 cup, switch off the heat and consume it at lukewarm temperature. This is an age-old recipe and can work wonders for both young children as well as adults.  The lukewarm temperature flushes out any phlegm and dry cough as you drink this slightly spicy yet soothing drink. It also clears you of a soar throat; so using it on a cold winter morning would do wonders to your throat.

Vitamin C

People infected with COVID19 virus are given Vitamin C intravenously and as they help to fight the virus more effectively and naturally by bringing up the body resistance to infections.

Of all the vitamins, VitaminC is an important nutrientand can be the found in a variety of veggies and fruits. Foods like Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Lemon, Orange and other citrusy fruits contain Vitamin C and are considered asexcellent immune boosting foods.


Next on the list of immunity foods for COVID19 is Zinc. Zinc is an important nutrient that helps with metabolism and immunity. Taking zinc as supplements or consuming zinc-rich foods like cashews, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, etc. are a way to increase your immunity levels naturally. Zinc has countless benefits like healing the body on a cellular level apart from being a life-saving nutrient.

Foods rich in Vitamin D

Another way of increasing your immunity is to consume some particular sea foods that offer good amounts of vitamin D into your diet. For example, cod liver oil supplements are a great way to boost the system; fresh salmon, sardines, tuna, fortified milk or yogurt, egg yolk(s), fortified cheese have very high concentration of Vitamin D. Regular consumption of these foods will keep COVID19 out of reach and help you maintain your natural immunity at a much stronger rate.

COVID19 and Immunity

Today, the world is facing an enormous threat and has endangered human lives as weknow it. However, if we track our steps back to the origin of this pandemic, we will see that lack of general hygiene and a low immune system were important factors of this spread. Therefore, we need to keep an eye on what we eat and to prepare ourselves to counteract this disease by preventing its spread all together.

This could be an opportunity for you, your family and the world to work as a community and prevent the covid-19 spread by just taking care of your own health.

You are a hero even if you do only this little – Eat right, stay healthy and save the world. That’s all that is required.

COVID19 has brought a dark phase in all our lives in some way or the other; and hence, we tend to look at it as a vile aspect of human carelessness. But, we could also use this as a wake-up call and build a better immune system so that we have a better future for everyone alive. Stop the spread by preventing it altogether.