The 20th of March is National Love your Pet Day and our family has a new member! A little dog called Scruffy. I didn’t choose the name… My mother in law moved back to England and couldn’t take him, so he’s with us now. I must admit, I never thought about green living and pets before, but now I have to face a few obstacles in our lifestyle…

Our use of plastic bags suddenly shot through the roof! It has caused quite a conflict for me as there is still a lot that I have to buy in plastic, but now on top of that poo bags, dog food in aluminium and dog food in plastic packaging…

That’s why I decided to look deeper into green living and pets.

Our first green pet product

One of my first concerns were the poop bags. We used up the ones we got with Scruffy and then got eco-friendly poop bags. But, at least with our dog it didn´t stop there. I quickly learned that Scruffy did at least 2 to 5 poops on a walk instead of just one. At the beginning I used to throw the used bag into the nearest bin.

This quickly added up to about 8 bags a day or more. Something had to change, ecofriendly bags or not. Now I keep the bag until the nearest bin to home. I have learned to pick up several poops with only one bag. This way we only use about 2 bags a day ?

Having a pet, specially a carnivore really is not ecofriendly, but good for the soul. One of the things that can be done is changing their food to ecofriendly versions.

I had a look into using the poop maybe for composting, but I quickly learned that poop is only good for composting if it comes from a plant-eating animal. So, not dogs…

The next 2 things I want to get if and when they need replacing is an ecofriendly dog collar and an ecofriendly dog leash.

Green Pet food

For dogs and cats try buying grain free foods without beef and, at best, using natural ingredients. This will not only benefit your pet, but the environment as well.

We have learned this quickly as Scruffy has got sensitive skin and our vet recommended to go grain free. And it helped! He now scratches a lot less. We still had some food left of what my mother in law had given us, so I didn´t have a look into healthier, greener options before talking to the vet…

For rabbits, hamsters and birds go with as natural as possible as well. I remember my rabbit got extremely old and we mainly fed him fresh food from our garden. One of my best memories is sitting in front of him eating my carrot while he was munching on his.

Please get advise of an expert on the exact nutritional needs of your pet though. I am not an expert, but know that natural is always the better option. I am not able to give you more advise than this!

How else can you live green with your pet?

Don´t buy pet toys if you can recycle or repurpose something instead! You can cut an old T-shirt or top into strings, bind them together and you have a rope toy. Or put the strings together to make a yarn ball for your cat.

Old socks make great toys for both as well. Just be careful then about good socks lying around…

Reduce chemicals you use in the house to look after your pets health.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry your pet after a bath or a walk in the rain. Just use a towel to dry the fur. Your pet will thank you as it will be more like giving them a bit of extra attention and most pets love to get stroked. This way green living and pets get´s definitely more ecofriendly.

Pet Grooming Products For Green Living and Pets

  • Ecofriendly Pet Grooming Mitts:  they are good for all types of pets, whether you have a small dog, a cat, or a large horse. You can wear it on either hand; or get two so that you can massage and clean larger pets fast. It’s as easy as petting your animal. No waste and reusable. Outside of all these benefits, it’s very calming to your pets too. They’ll love it.

If you don´t like the idea of a mitt, then go for a

  • Bamboo brush: When you brush your pet, you should consider what happens to the brush when it is time to replace it. It goes right into a landfill. But, if you purchase an eco-brush that’s latex free and made from wood or bamboo, most of the brush will compost instead.
  • Eco-friendly shampoos:  You don’t want to get your dogs too wet in the winter, and some animals just do not like getting wet. You can clean off your dirty, smelly dog with a no-rinse formula. It cleans and conditions – and what’s more, if ecofriendly it’s totally natural and pH balanced. There are several ecofriendly pet shampoos for when you do give your pet a bath. Sometimes it’s easier to wash a pet with a bar of soap rather than using a liquid that requires two hands to get to them. The link above has a list of all of them, so you can find the right one for you.
  • Clean Dog EarsNothing’s worse than your dog getting itchy mites in his ears. You can fix that naturally with this all-natural dog ear cleaner. It’s made in the USA with all-natural ingredients, and it’s cruelty free. What could be better?
  • Bamboo tooth brushes: Use bamboo and wooden products that are biodegradable. (Hint: you can use them for people too.) This means that when you toss them they do not go into a landfill; you can compost them instead.
  • Ecofriendly pee pads: These are extremely handy if you have an older dog who cannot hold it anymore and for girl dogs.

Your pets are part of the family and this means you can make your life as green as possible with pets. And why not treat them with extra special care right along with the environment?

As you can see, green living and pets is possible.

I hope you have learned a few things on the way and have enjoyed reading this post. Do you know anyone who might be interested in finding out more about green living and pets? Then please share this post with them! Thank you.


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