Gut-wrenching video of man finding plastic in fish’s stomach in Spain goes viral

A hair-raising video of a fisherman cutting open a fish to find it’s stomach full of plastic in Spain is going viral.

Humans have spoiled Earth and there is no denying that. The coming generations are only going to find plastic on the planet and the living conditions will not be healthy at all. A recent video that has been going viral on the internet proves the same.

The video that we are talking about was shared by Twitter user Yasmin Scott with the caption, “Fish found with a stomach full of plastic.”

The 1-minute 40-second video is from Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, the Canary Islands in Spain. The 35-year-old fisherman had caught two octopuses and a fish.

Looking at the fish, he felt something weird and thought that there was something inside it. On opening the fish, the fisherman and the people around him saw plastic in the transparent stomach bag of the fish.

The video shows, the fisherman tearing the stomach and all the plastic came out. The shocking thing here was that the fisherman caught the fresh fish. The fish was alive in the water body even after having so much plastic in its gut.

Imagine if the little fish has this much plastic in its stomach, can you even imagine what you would find in the stomach of a whale?

In recent times a lot of instances about people finding plastic in fish that they have caught have been noted.

If we want to make this planet liveable, we need to take major steps now.

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