How to fit alcohol consumption in a healthy lifestyle

The celebratory pop of a champagne bottle. The clinking of glasses amidst a chorus of “Cheers!”.

The loud laughter echoing outside a packed establishment during early evening Happy Hour. Cocktail culture is dripping with pleasurable associations.

No matter what your drink of choice, an air of festivity and escape infuses every pour and sip, creating a sense of relaxation and recreation.

And with the year-end festivities coming up, you’re bound to drink more than your fair share.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook or flat-out forget alcohol’s undeniable drawbacks. Alcohol is a toxin at the end of the day — sad but true.

Although the body comes equipped with detoxification systems capable of breaking it down and clearing it out, excess amounts don’t sit well.

In the short term, we suffer through the headaches, nausea and fatigue of a hangover.

In the long run, we run a higher risk of a handful of chronic conditions.

Is it possible to partake in the party but minimise its potential toll on well-being? Of course!

Here are a few easy-to-implement and effective tips to have your alcohol, and drink it too.


Plan ahead. A few anticipatory steps prior to a night out can make the experience far more manageable for your body…


PHOTO: Pexels

Arriving at an event short on fluids makes it more difficult for the kidneys to filter and flush out whatever alcohol you consume.


This will serve as a pH buffer in the stomach, preventing upset when an acidic drink drops in.


Have a cut-off number of cocktails you know you can safely consume, and ask a friend to hold you accountable.

Once the evening’s in full swing, keeping track isn’t easy.

Acknowledging tolerance and setting boundaries should help you moderate and pace intake from the outset.

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