Let me explain first a bit, why I decided to make a DIY mosquito repelling deodorant

My husband and I are very conscious about the harmful chemicals that many products contain. Even more when it comes to our son. He is now nearly 8 and one of the few kids in his class not using cologne, hair gel, wax etc. We want him to grow up getting in touch with as few chemicals as possible. In my opinion, they are worse while the body is still developing.

One day, my husband spoke about exactly this to one of his customers. This customer used to work in the industry and the conversation got to deodorants at one point. He told my husband about the aluminium chlorhydrate which is contained in deodorants and has been proven to cause breast cancer, Alzheimer’s… In his words, the industry has the confirmed studies since a while, but there is obviously no interest in making these public. Now you can find much more information on this subject, but you still have to look for it yourself…

When my husband came home and told me about it, we first had a look at our deodorants and both contained it! They went straight in the bin and we went shopping

. In the supermarket, standing in front of the shelves with all the deodorants, we decided to look for the well-known brands first, then we went through the top 2 shelves… They ALL contained aluminium chlorhydrate! So we went over to the roll-on section. The whole shelf was a no… Back to the sprays we finally found 1 brand without. Just 1!!! Seeing that we both only liked the smell of one of those, w

e have both been using this one for several years now.

Starting my blog, I naturally started looking into a lot of alternatives as well and experimented with deodorants. Living in an area with lots of mosquitos, I wanted to make a mosquito repelling deodorant, to reduce product use. This one keeps you protected for at least half a day. Now let´s get to how to make the:

DIY mosquito repelling deodorant

I promise you, it is very easy to make and does not take long.

One more thing before I begin: I don´t know how it reacts to sensitive skin, so try carefully first! My son has tried it a few times and he has been okay with it, but that still doesn´t mean anything.

Same counts for possible allergic reactions: please try a little amount first to see if you are! And if you know you are suffering from allergies, please check with your doctor before trying this recipe!

Every skin is different, so you might be protected from mosquito bites for longer of for less time.

What you need to make your mosquito repelling deodorant:

  • a big pot and a small pot that fits into the big one without touching the bottom,
  • water,
  • scales that measure to the gram,
  • spoon,
  • a glass jar (I used an empty salsa dip one),
  • 52 g coconut oil,
  • 16 g baking soda,
  • 38 g cornstarch,
  • 20 drops lemongrass essential oil (seeing that we want to avoid chemicals, get a natural oil!)

Note: I have not linked up the ingredients here as I do not want to recommend you to bulk-buy, unless you know that you will use it all. As you may know, I blog about living environmental friendly and bulk buying is only environmental friendly if you don´t throw half of what you buy away…

The original recipe of beatymunsta uses spoons and a different essential oil. I prefer grams, I feel it´s more accurate to measure, so I changed it over.

How it´s made:

Measure all your ingredients for the mosquito repelling deodorant, apart from the essential oil and keep them at hand.

Fill your glass jar with boiling water to make sure it is clean and fill some water into the big pot. Make sure the water doesn´t touch the bottom of the small pot. Then place the pot together with the small pot onto the cooker and turn the cooker on low heat. Put your coconut oil into the pot and melt it. Once it is melted, add the other ingredients apart from the essential oil. Mix well and stir until you get an even liquid consistency.

Empty the water from your glass jar and let it dry.

Turn the cooker off and take the small pot out. Let everything cool down for a bit, add the essential oil, stir again to mix it in properly.

Once you added the essential oil and have mixed it well, pour into your glass jar and let it cool. It will get harder, so you can take it out with a little wooden spoon/spatula when you need it.

I keep mine in the fridge at the moment, as it is too hot (30 degrees C in the house) here and it just turns liquid again. Just take it out about 5 minutes before you need it. If you live in a milder climate, you can probably keep it outside of the fridge. I will find out in winter…

Another warning: If you wear black clothes, you might be better off to put your clothes on before applying the mosquito repelling deodorant as it can leave small white marks. or apply a good while before putting your black clothes on. I like my black dresses, so I will definitely try to come up with a deodorant which doesn´t leave any trace… keep an eye on my posts, if you are interested. ?

A few notes to the ingredients:

Coconut oil: moisturizes your skin and prevents rashes.

Baking soda and corn starch: neutralizes smell and absorb sweat. I still sweat in the summer heat, but sweating is healthy. What I can confirm is that since using this deodorant, I don´t stink after half a day of working. I had to go back to using our normal deodorant for one day and after a few hours of physical work, I couldn´t stand the way I was stinking already.

So, yes, it doesn´t only keep your body safe from at least some chemicals, but prevents bad odors as well for quite a while.

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