New currencies which we should invest in: Water and Food

“Knock, Knock”

Man from inside the car: “Please go we don’t have change.”

Woman on the outside: “Please give me something, my child is hungry.”

Man looks for some coins between his notes in his wallet and hands over few coins.

Why was he incessantly searching for the coins and why didn’t he just handed whatever came in his hand. Well, because he is conscious of what he is spending. If only we were this conscious in spending food and water. We waste it because we think it’s free. Is it really free?

Food is mostly wasted in hotels where we enjoy visiting with families & buddies. However, we are least bothered on what to order & just how much to order. If I see somebody waste great food due to the fact that they have over purchased I think it’s really horrible. Particularly with many people starving on the planet. I think the phrase; “eyes larger than their stomach” would best define these individuals. If the hotel markets are taxed greatly they will look that none of their customers’ waste food.

Mostly all celebrity resorts have tub for bathing & showers in their bathroom. It needs around 272 litres of water to load it whereas in a pail of water we just need about 20 litres of water to fill it. Even if we take bath using 2 pails of water we are saving 220 litres of water each day. Just imagine how much water can be conserved each day by us.

Wasting Food and Water is WRONG

Marriages & events are other places where food is squandered. We toss waste food in trash and nobody consumes it. It takes around 8 billion barrels of oil to expand, harvest, preserve, package and transport food & vegetable supply to the market from farm. So throwing away food is equivalent as squandering energy?

Wasting Food and Water is wasting ENERGY

Research Study Finds Fifty Percent of All Food Produced Worldwide is wasted. A current study by the United Nations found that while many people in the world struggle with poor nutrition and also a full lack of healthy food. A lot of the food that is produced around the globe is really squandered. In fact, half of all food is thrown away. That is a big amount of squandered food when you think about that 500,000,000 people who have nothing proper to eat. When you go the supermarket, a large portion of the fruit and vegetables, bakery as well as meat may never ever see a mouth, and is rather thrown away to be composted.

Squandering Food & Water affects the ATMOSPHERE

Moms and dads nowadays do not appear to mind that their youngsters leave food on their plate. Inadequate planning and also a hectic way of living will certainly likewise bring about a good deal of household food waste. How many people can admit having made an impulse buy, later needing to get rid of food that has gone off in the refrigerator? Back in the days when the saying “waste not, want not” in fact meant something, you needed to intend what would be bought, prepared and also precisely how to make use of the leftovers. Moms and dads should take care that no one wastes food at home, we must show our younger generation the value of food and water, we should not just restrict our teachings to our family but also neighbours.

When a poor person passes away because of lack of food, it did not happen because God did not look after him or her. It has actually happened due to the fact that neither you nor I wanted thought about the needs of that person. So, next time when you pass by a person on the street who is in need of food, bear in mind just how lucky you are, and do not turn away. DON’T WASTE FOOD GIVE IT TO OTHERS.