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Patchwork Quilt Fabric: Efficiency and Its Purpose in Our Lives

Patchwork Quilt Fabric a Guest Post by Alyssa Moylan from The Quilters Closet. Everything you need to know about patchwork quilt fabric

Patchwork or ‘pierced work’ refers to sewing together pieces of fabric to form a flat design. For centuries patchwork and quilting have been used in practical and decorative crafts. In the past years, it was not very vividly used, but nowadays it has a great impact on many things. It was basically women in the Colonial times that used to do patchwork quilt fabric. This fabric can be traditional or contemporary. In patchwork, different pieces of fabric are joint together and a large design is made. These small pieces are carefully cut and measured. Though, choosing of fabric, as in the one which someone will quilt is a tough decision to make.

Patchwork Quilt Fabric and Its Basic Features:

All fabrics cannot be used for the quilting purpose only certain types of fabric are preferred with which the patchwork quilting process happens properly. The process of making a patchwork quilt fabric is fun, but if someone fails to choose the right fabric then the fun will turn into trouble. Things to keep in mind while quilting is:

  • If a wrong choice is made, then the fabric may start wearing out poorly after it is used. Even it will take time to repair. Thus, the material needs to be a strong one.

  • The material should have a proper texture; the ones with which work can be done easily such as cotton is highly preferred. There are other things also which one should think of, but these are the basic ones.

If someone follows all the above-mentioned basic points, then a good patchwork quilt can be made.

Patchwork Quilt Fabric a Guest Post by Alyssa Moylan from The Quilters Closet. Everything you need to know about patchwork quilt fabric

Importance and Types of Patchwork Quilt Fabric:

One can have a lot of importance of patchwork quilt if used in a proper manner; the different types of the quilt have different sorts of importance. One needs to choose the prints and design of the quilt very properly; because it is very necessary to have the proper stuff before the quilting procedure starts. The colour tones should be chosen from light tine to darker tones. The types are as follows:

  • Calico is a strong fabric; it is obtainable in all sorts of weight. This type of fabric is available in white colour and with darker flecks.

  • Corduroy is a quintessential fabric that comes in many colours and weight, it is worthwhile for large-scale patch pieces. And you can create many designs with this fabric due to its variety and distinguished features.

  • Though most quilters always go for cotton. It is the most common and most used fabric for patchwork quilting. It has been redefined as a patchwork quilt fabric lately.

Patchwork Quilt Fabric a Guest Post by Alyssa Moylan from The Quilters Closet. Everything you need to know about patchwork quilt fabric

Patchwork Quilt Fabric and It´s Availability:

It is very obvious that patchwork fabric is available almost everywhere in the market. But there are many people who do not get the right quality of material to quilt. For that reason, online stores have been there to support the people n the quilting business. Many online stores sell good quality of fabric and one might end up getting the best one. One can also see the images of the quilt fabric on the internet before choosing the patchwork fabric that they want to order.

The abstract patchwork quilt fabric is a form of art that was very popular during the Victorian era, and it is still being used it is a beautiful and very difficult art form that should be preserved and taught to younger generations to carry forward the beautiful culture and technique alive.

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