Today we are going to continue with the word “reduce” by saving electricity to reduce your carbon footprint. I will show you several ways you can start saving electricity easily today ?

All of the ways I will show you here are easy to implement in your home today. And, in case you wonder, you don´t need to get solar panels. Solar panels are great if you have the space and the chance. But if you live in an apartment or in countries that rather fine you than help you in this respect…

Change energy supplier to reduce your carbon footprint

The first thing I am going to recommend you was the best I have ever done. Research electricity companies in your area supplying green energy! And don´t worry, you will find that most of them are actually cheaper than you think. We changed 3 years ago to a company supplying 80% from green energy. Now 100% of their energy is green and our bill shows: 0% carbon emissions produced. And the best of it all: we now pay about half of what we used to pay with our previous supplier!

Saving electricity to reduce your carbon footprint

Take a piece of paper or open a note on your phone and go through your home. Check where you can replace normal plug sockets with plug strips with a switch and write those down to change. Then look at your light bulbs and write down which ones need to be replaced with energy-saving ones once they are gone. I know that energy-saving bulbs are a bit more expensive to buy, but they last a lot longer and are therefore cheaper in the long run.

While you are making your round, unplug everything that doesn´t need to be plugged in, including your phone chargers. Most appliances use electricity even when they are turned off. It might not be much, but keeping with it you will notice you are saving electricity. Same counts for things in standby mode: just unplug them or turn the switch off when they are not used. Don´t leave your phone, tablet etc. on charge for longer than needed, specially not over night.

Coming back to your light bulbs: help them to last longer! Energy saving light bulbs don´t like to be turned on and off all the time. So instead of going into the kitchen, turning the kettle on, leaving and turning the light back off, leave the light on as you will go back in within a minute or so. I know this seems against what we are taught, but it saves energy as well leaving the light on instead of turning it off and on within a short period of time…

Saving electricity heating and cooling

Let´s start with heating: The ideal room temperature is, depending on if you live in a warm or cold climate, between 19° C and 22° C (66° F and 72° F). Bedrooms should be at the lower end as the ideal sleeping temperature is between 15° C and 20° C (59° F and 68° F), again depending on where you live. Rooms that you don´t use still should be heated slightly, as it will keep the rest of your home warmer.

Let in fresh air, as it heats up quicker and better than used air. If you can, do it when it is the warmest outside. Just open your windows wide for about 10 minutes, this is enough.

Other ways to save electricity while heating: Thick curtains keep the cold out and in summer the heat. Open your curtains when the sun shines on your windows to let the heat into the room in winter and close them when the sun is gone. Carpets keep your home warmer as well. Cooking generates extra heat in your home. And if you leave the oven door slightly open after using it, this will provide extra heat for a while more.

A fact a little less serious: Throw a party or organise a get together in your home. The more people are in your home, the less you need to heat ?

In summer, save on air conditioning by opening your windows at night and leave your blinds down during the day. This will keep your home cooler.

And a very important thing: service your heating and air conditioning regular to avoid problems and unnecessary cost. This includes cleaning your air con filter regularly, it will keep it working longer.

That´s it for today about saving electricity. I hope, you have enjoyed this post and have learned a few new things. What are your best tips on saving energy?

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