Sustainable tech: How to stay green in 2020

The immense level of sustainability challenges our planet faces grows more apparent and pressing by the day. Evidence suggests that the Earth’s surface has warmed by one degree Celsius. Although this may seem like a minute increase, it is enough to lift oceans and unleash a worrying crescendo of life-threatening storms, crop failures, droughts and floods on the planet.

Future climate models predict that the Earth’s global average will rise, warming up to a problematic 2 degrees Celsius over the next ten years if we continue to emit as many or more greenhouse gases. The astonishing current levels of greenhouse gas emissions indicate we could pass the 1.5 degrees Celsius marker as early as 2030. Some changes to our climate are gradual, which enables us to predict them, but unfortunately, others are more sudden, which make them challenging to foresee.

To avoid global climate chaos, significant transformations need to be made in societies and the world economy as a whole. The pressure to meet consumer demands, especially in fast fashion means globally, we are using more resources than ever before. We are continually applying pressure on the planet’s natural resources and giving ourselves the slimmest opportunity to avoid unthinkable damage to the climate system, which currently supports life as we know it. Change is paramount concerning the way our global giants work as time is running out to avert disaster.

Fortunately, many organisations, companies and governments around the world are increasing their drive to change traditional methods by converting them into sustainable businesses. This is especially true for those in the technology sector.

What are tech giants doing for a more sustainable future?

As we begin a new year with climate change on our minds, here is what two of the most popular tech giants, Apple and Samsung, are doing to actively drive eco-innovation, ensuring they take measurable steps to improve the sustainability of their products.

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