‘We have only one decade to save the planet’: 12-yr-old activist

Climate refers to the kind of weather that is typically expected in a region. Change is a process through which something becomes different. Climate change is also called global warming. The word itself explains what it means: Global + warm; that Earth has become warmer because of our endless human needs and greed.

The first question that comes to everybody’s mind is, ‘Is climate change real?’ At first, our leaders and seniors denied it and refused to accept reality. However, many agencies proved that the writing is on the wall and that it’s a reality that we cannot ignore anymore. The effects are glaring and visible: Severe weather events, droughts, melting glaciers, rising sea levels and increase in wildfires are some of them. However, the best example of the adverse impact of climate change on human life in India is the high AQI (air quality index) level experienced in New Delhi.

Nature has given us ample hints of climate change in the form of extreme weather conditions, but our leaders, policymakers and even businessmen refuse to take them seriously. They continue to do what they want to without thinking about the future of others. They destroy nature for the sake of development and give the impression that they have forgotten that we have only one planet to live on.

Humans are the biggest culprits of global warming. Never have the actions resulting in climate change been so dangerous and bad. In the name of development and for human need and greed, we are destroying our environment. Such destruction not only affects us but also our flora and fauna. The instances of natural disasters have also increased in the last decade due to global warming. The Kedarnath, Kerala and Bihar floods are critical warning signs. These disasters resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives and yet we are not ready to learn our lessons. We are continuously doing work without any planning or scientific study to understand the adverse effects on our future. Such ad hoc development must be stopped if we need to save our planet.

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