What COVID-19 and Climate Change Have in Common

On this week’s episode of Political Climate, we discuss the behavioral science behind our response to these global threats.

With cases recorded in more than 140 countries, the novel coronavirus has become a global health crisis.

In the U.S., bars and offices have been closed, conferences canceled and kids kept home from school in an attempt to slow the spread. President Trump has declared a national emergency and invoked the Defense Production Act to accelerate the virus response.

So why aren’t we reacting as aggressively to climate change — another human-propelled global catastrophe that could harm human health and well-being for generations to come?

These threats are not the same, but they do share certain attributes. We discuss the intersection of climate change, COVID-19 and U.S. politics with risk and behavioral scientist Sweta Chakraborty, founder of Adapt to Thrive and co-host of the live weekly radio show “Risky Behavior.”

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