It´s Second Hand Wardrobe Week and I thought this would be a great chance to show you what you can do with old clothes. There are sooo many options.

Donate or hand me downs

Do you still remember hand me downs? Or have you at least heard of them? Hand me downs were ecofriendly without most people realising they were doing our planet a favour. And there is nothing wrong with giving/getting hand me downs.

I still remember my husband the first time I brought home some clothes from a friend of mine who´s son is a bit older than ours. He wasn´t happy at all saying that we are not both working to have to get second-hand clothes for our son. We can buy what he needs. I explained that he is right, but many of those clothes were only worn a few times and they looked brand new. Kids grow out of them pretty quick. And it wasn´t about saving money, it was about it being a shame to “throw them away”. Plus, our son loved them as they were from his older friend and had his heroes on. He still gets new clothes as well.

Don´t have anybody to hand the clothes to? Then donate them! I am sure there is a charity close by which will be over the moon to take them. We give a lot of clothes to charity. Mainly because most of our friends and neighbours know we are going there regularly (I get our free range eggs from the farm next door) and give theirs to us.

Sell them

Are your old clothes still in a really good condition? Then you could take them to your nearest thrift store or second-hand shop and see if they will buy them.

Another really good way to sell unwanted clothes are local selling apps and Facebook groups. Take nice photos of each item you want to sell and load them up. You might get lucky and someone else really loves what you don´t want or need anymore.

What else to do with old clothes

Do you have clothes that are not good enough to donate or sell? Cut them up and use them as cleaning cloths and/or ecofriendly wet wipes! This can be done with old bedding, t-shirts, some skirts and shirts.

Pants that are too short or have ripped in the knee can be turned into shorts. Cut them off to whatever length you want your shorts to be, and hem them. Long sleeved shirts and tops can be turned into short-sleeved the same way.

Or upcycle them into some home decor. I have seen jeans being turned into flower pots, rugs made out of cut up clothes, bags made from denim, new clothes made out of several old ones, patchwork quilts made from jeans or flannel… The list goes on and on. This reminds me that I will have to write a post or several on such projects… So, keep checking.

Take your old ripped clothes to H&M

Yes! You did read right. H&M has got a program world-wide taking your old clothes and recycling them into new fashion.

I recently bought 2 beautiful dresses and the tag said: out of 80% recycled material. This made me aware of their program and I researched a bit more.

Clothes that are not good enough anymore to give away or sell can be taken to any H&M store. There you will receive a voucher you can then use in their shop. The amount on the voucher obviously depends on how many pieces you did bring. So, I wouldn´t try to bring just 1 skirt…

Those clothes then get recycled and turned into new fabric to make new clothes. I think it is absolutely brilliant!

Please note that I am NOT affiliated with H&M. But I love their program and wanted to mention it here as I think it is very useful to you.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found some new ideas! What do you do with your old clothes? Let me know ?


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