Today I want to explain to you why you should encourage wildlife into your garden or onto your balcony. Wildlife and insects are often thought of as a nuisance, but some of them can be extremely beneficial to you and your garden. Plus, more and more animals are put onto the list of endangered species every day. So help protecting them by inviting them into your garden! Did you know, as an example, that bees are endangered now? Imagine what we would be without them!

Educate yourself so you can know the difference between good and bad visitors and be equipped to encourage their existence.

Do Your Research

Learn about why you would even want to encourage wildlife and insects into your garden in the first place to not only benefit them but benefit yourself as well. When you hear about some, you might feel defensive of your treasured garden and want to keep all “unwanted” life forms away from it. But did you know that some insects help you to keep away the real “bad guys” and protect your garden from being ravaged by them? This kind of biological control is so much better for your garden, your own health, and the health of the Earth than the toxic chemicals that too many gardeners rely on.

Good and Bad Wildlife

Yes, some insects and wildlife are keen on destroying all your hard work as quickly as they can. However, there are plenty of beneficial bugs around as well. Adult ladybugs devour mites and aphids, saving your plant life from destruction. Spiders eat insects and therefore help to get rid of garden pests. Most garden spiders do not go into houses and are not poisonous. So you don’t need to worry about allowing them to take control of your garden.

Ground beetles feast on snails, slugs and many other garden enemies. Many birds can contribute to your garden by indulging in a variety of harmful insects. Toads and lizards also decrease the population of the insects that no gardener wants around.

Why would anyone want to saturate their garden and future meals with chemicals that are harmful to the human body and the Earth, when one can simply rely on nature to keep the harmful insect population in check?

Encourage Pollinating Insects into your garden

Some wildlife and insects are beneficial because they have an appetite for the insects that can destroy your garden and put to waste all your hard work. There are other qualities held by certain helpful wildlife and insect populations as well, such as the pollination efforts made by insects including butterflies, moths, flies, wasps and bees. Without these helpful insects, your garden will not be in a healthy state for long.

Create a Hospitable Environment for Your Little Guests

Some insects such as bees are somewhat under threat. These hard workers are essential to the proper balance of nature. With all the pesticides and other environmental factors at play, however, their very lives and existence are at risk.

You can do your part to help them by creating an environment in your garden that will attract and encourage their survival. Say no to chemical insecticides, and choose to use natural method to discourage pests and weeds. Plant nectar and pollen-rich plants to feed your new friends. You can take measures such as planting for every season so that the wildlife and insects that you want to thrive will have a place to call home. And this way they will also have food to keep them alive.

It is not very difficult to encourage helpful insects and garden-friendly wildlife in your garden. All it takes is a little knowledge and a few simple and inexpensive changes.

Next month I will show you how to encourage wildlife into your garden and onto your balcony.

I hope you have learned a few things on why you should encourage wildlife into your garden. And are ready to help protect our precious wildlife? Are you already doing something to attract wildlife into your garden?