You can now pay your utility bills by recycling plastic waste

You can now pay your utility bills (electricity and water) by recycling plastic waste in Ghana. To benefit from the initiative, one would have to drop off 4kg of cans or 20kg worth of plastic bottles at any of the designated collection points to receive a GHC10 coupon.

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Recycling plastic waste to pay your utility bills

The initiative, is a collaborative effort between Sesa Recycling, the Ghana Water Company LTD., and Electricity Company of Ghana LTD., in conjunction with the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises (GRIPE).

Sanitation: Pay your utility bills by recycling plastic waste

Innovative solution to fight poverty and curb pollution

All over the world, recycling plastic waste has been identified as one effective way to deal with the plastic menace being faced all over. With the oceans becoming filled and polluted with such non-degradables, it’s become necessary to reduce our use of single use plastics.

There have been countless documentaries and videos about how aquatic life suffers due to the plastic menace — with dead whales who had polythene bags and others filling their bellies.

Sesa Recycling therefore found the need to collaborate with other bodies to help clean our environment. They set out with the objective to deploy fixed and mobile collecting kiosks for recyclables in order to:

  • Reveal to local communities that waste has value when recycled, and is an avenue for generating extra-income.
  • Develop a viable market for recyclable packaging, providing a regular supply to local industries to achieve maximum impact.
  • Clean the environment and help put an end to the practice of disposing off waste into the oceans.

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